Young Professionals in IEEE Turkey!

February 7, 2018

IEEE Turkey Young Professional Affinity Group, started working actively in IEEE Turkey environment. As a chair of this group, I am glad to have a chance to work with a team of highly motivated people that creates real valuable results for IEEE Turkey. 




We started working from scratch. In September we built a team from young professionals and then enhanced our team with  student members. Currently, we are aiming to create a learning environment in Turkey starting from IEEE Turkey. 


Recently, we attended IEEE Turkey Workshop at Eskişehir held in February 1-4, 2018. We attended the event with 2 different sessions.

In first session, I organized a workshop about personal innovation to help people to understand their learning journey to find their goal and the action plan for the future.

In second session, firstly, we have Eşref Öztürk whom is the co-founder of the award-winning fresh startup called DriveBuddy, telling his story of creating DriveBuddy to help people by detecting and reporting the accidents right after it happens. After this talk, one of our team members Onur Karmış told his story that is published on Engineering Management Review magazine of IEEE with the title "A Story of a Young Professional". The speech included several take aways for the students to apply on their lives.


Finally, we announced our mentor-mentee program. Mentor-mentee program aims to connect young professionals with both young professionals and students in Turkey to share experiences on different areas of expertise. The program details and application agenda is presented by Kadir Taş and Asım Köroğlu whom are the leaders of the program.

The program will be collecting applicants at 11th of February! You could get more information on this program from this page. 



Let me explain what we as IEEE YP Turkey does a little bit more,


We are working in several dimensions. We have teams for corporate activities, communication, mentor-mentee program, technology projects and activities, marketing and design, webinar and workshops. Recently, we added a team for podcasting for learning.


With corporate activities team, we aim to follow up our work with IEEE global activities. We communicate with the global teams to enhance our work and show what we do in Turkey to the world of IEEE.

Communication team aims to gather young professionals in a timely manner to increase networking between them and students to enable people to communicate in IEEE Turkey environment to share and learn by networking.

As I explained before, mentor-mentee program is the start point of the goal of learning we want to achieve by sharing experiences. 

Technology is the key because we work in an organization that advances technology for humanity. We create projects, read papers and discuss them. We attend the events on different specific areas.

Marketing and design teams are key to keep alive our audiences for the events, activities and understanding their needs and serve them the necessary actions to fulfill these needs.

We organize webinars with the people from IEEE to talk about very different dimensions of technology and experiences to create an online library of the valuable work. 

Besides that, we have a pool of workshops to help students and young professionals when the opportunities are created by going their site to apply different workshops.

Finally, we recently added podcasts to our working areas to create talks with the people succeeded in different topics and areas to understand the key reasons of their success and share them with IEEE Turkey.


As you will see, we have a wide range of interests and activities to enhance IEEE Turkey environment! If you want any information please go visit this page and ask the questions you have!


IEEE Turkey Young Professionals will continue to grow and help people to learn!

Join the environment and do not miss out the work we do!


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