“Education is what people do to you, learning is what you do to yourself!”

January 20, 2018



Learning is the key of understanding our world, what we try to achieve in our life, how we can be part of our community, how we become a lover. We need to consider about how we learn, how we can improve our learning process. By doing so, we will have the chance to achieve the goals that we will


l reach by learning more and more.


What is learning?


By definition, learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught. When we look at this definition, there are 2 types of learning, individual learning and learning from someone else a.k.a education. 


Individual learning journey is that you process the information into knowledge that is coded in a way that you could understand and apply in your life. On this journey, every different type of information will come with a way of processing that you define. If you are interested in some topic, then you will be more likely to enhance your journey with different techniques and ideas. If you are not interested in a topic, then you will be more likely to close the ways of learning without you noticing it.

As an individual you could learn by observing your environment. For example, children learns behaviors from their parents by just watching how they act. You could learn by reading the books and interpreting them or you could learn by experiencing. Such as touching a hot cup. Every time you learn you use these with some extra tools to create your learning journey. Extra tools most of the time are the 5 senses we have. The brain, uses these tools to create a process of learning for each category of the material to learn.


Education is a different story. Some teacher could teach you some fact, or could teach you something that is subjective. Whatever the case is, the information will not be supplied to you directly, instead it is processed to a knowledge already. This directly effects your learning journey because you need to revert it to information then reprocess it to a knowledge that you could apply. Even if it is a topic including facts, formulas and calculations, the way that teacher tries to reach you most of the time will be the process that he learns these facts. If it is a subjective topic, then information will not be just processed to knowledge, will be processed to a knowledge with additional information that depends to the teacher. This becomes a challenging issue to identify these and get the information you need. That is why if you are willing to learn individually and you have the skills to identify your learning journey and apply the process to the information, you will get that knowledge easily. However, sometimes, you cannot identify the way of learning and understand the information to process. Thus, you need an expert to teach you this information because most of the areas have some common senses that the experts of this area could easily explain and teach you. 


Whatever the way you learn, when you are learning it opens new areas on that topic of information to be learnt and improves the process of learning by advancing the tools and elements you use for learning.


In my view, there are 3 steps to become a good learner:


1- Know the conditions that you will process the information most effectively:

It could be about time, place, and sound or anything. You need to know that what physical conditions will help you to process information.

2- Know and understand the journey and process of your learning:

Knowing how you learn is critical. You could find it by experimenting or planning. You need to empathize with yourself to understand you and your journey of learning.

3- Reprocess the information even if you feel that you learnt it:

Everything in the world, even if it seems as an information, is processed to a knowledge. That is why we need to revert it to information and process it the knowledge for us.

The importance of learning by doing...


As Joi Ito says “Education is what people do to you, learning is what you do to yourself!”

Learning to learn is the most essential skill that we all need to learn as a habit!




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