Last Saturday, I designed and organized a workshop at Eskişehir in an IEEE event. The workshop is about personal innovation.

The workshop took approximately 1.5 hours to execute. I designed the workshop from scratch using design thinking methodologies to understand pers...


IEEE Turkey Young Professional Affinity Group, started working actively in IEEE Turkey environment. As a chair of this group, I am glad to have a chance to work with a team of highly motivated people that creates real valuable results for IEEE Turkey. 

We started w...


 In Ankara, we wanted to create an environment with one of my friends. to gather people whom are interested or currently following the courses from websites like udemy, coursera, edx etc. in order to motivate everyone on that environment to pursue the courses online an...


Learning is the key of understanding our world, what we try to achieve in our life, how we can be part of our community, how we become a lover. We need to consider about how we learn, how we can improve our learning process. By doing so, we will have the chance to achi...

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